1. What is Collaboration?

    What is Collaboration?

    In the professional world, collaboration is a MASSIVE deal in 2022 and one that a huge array of manufacturers are hanging their hat in terms of meeting room technology.

    But what does it really mean and how do you judge what kind of technology helps you achieve this mystical power?

    There’s usually a method of collaboration that can help you achieve a goal more effectively. Whether it’s working on creative projects that require dynamic input from multiple individuals, or annual reports that need to be reviewed by multiple executives, collaboration plays a central role across almost every level of a modern organisation.

    More than this though, collaboration is a general attitude that exists among groups of individuals, where elements of sharing and teamwork lead to cooperation. We explore what collaboration means today and some of the ways you can go about encouraging it within your teams.

    A quick definition

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  2. 10 Questions to Ask Your Team When Looking for Meeting Room Tech

    10 Questions to Ask Your Team When Looking for Meeting Room Tech

    When it comes to pulling together a great meeting room setup, some practical tips can be invaluable. There’s plenty of advice out there, but most of it focuses on the technical elements. So, what would the advice be from those who’ve actually been tasked previously with setting up a meeting room?

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