How Architects Can Win More Business with Meeting Room Technology

Technology is changing the way we do business. Processes are becoming faster and slicker. Clients have increasingly high expectations and the millennial generation of employees are integrating gadgetry into every area of the office – whether we like it or not.

Architects cannot ignore this change any longer. Practices across the country are harnessing the power of the latest technology to wow potential and existing clients.

Is it time for your company to catch up and become a pitching powerhouse?

Nice Pitch

The potential for technology to drive up efficiency and drive down costs is enormous. But our focus here is purely on its potential to impress.

Whether you deal with public sector projects, infrastructure builds, residential developments or luxury 'one-of-a-kinds', you'll know there are certain key things your clients want to see from you and your team during a pitch.

1.     Style

Your work is creative, clients want to see evidence of the individual and team style that drives this creativity. Does your creativity fit with their vision – on both a practical and a conceptual level? It’s also important to show your use of innovative technology matches the innovation of your design thinking. There shouldn’t be a paradox between your style of work and how it’s delivered.

2.     Clear communication

As in any business, clear communication is critical in a successful pitch for architectural work. However, architecture and construction can be particularly complex sectors. You might have multiple design documents, examples of previous work, different elevations, sketches etc. Can you present these in a clear professional manner that your audience will understand?

3.     Experience

Yes style and communication count, but a lot of clients will want to see evidence of your prior experience. This will come across in your presentation as you shift effortlessly between details, but also in showcasing the breath-taking visuals of your previous projects.

The Power to Impress

There's no replacement for experience and knowledge, but the right technology will give you a big helping handing in conveying these to your clients.

Architects’ practices across the country are already working with technology in their pitches to showcase their creativity and expertise. Streamlined pitches using stunning high resolution display screens and even touchscreens let clients know that they're working with a stylish, modern business.

Now available at an increasingly accessible price point, 4K technology has taken things even further, transforming one of the most important elements of a pitch – high resolution images and 3D models.

Display screens such as the Sony FW-65XE8501 offer 65 inches of 4K UHD resolution; that's over 8 million pixels at your disposal to showcase your work in the best possible light.

Touchscreens like the Clevertouch Pro Series take things to the next level. Maintaining 4K UHD resolution, the Clevertouch Pro Series adds intuitive touchscreen functionality to the mix. If you're presenting a pitch, you can interact with the screen from anywhere in the room wirelessly using a CleverShare device with your workstation or laptop, or jump up in front of the client and control the screen from the front of the room.

If your pitch is more interactive, get clients involved in 3D renders of your designs. You can even set the screen up as an interactive table, inviting your potential clients to gather round and view your designs and material up close. They can use the multiple touchpoints to navigate and focus in on different aspects of the design, giving your pitch that tangible, personal element. You’re creating an immersive pitch experience they simply can’t ignore.

The high resolution technology is such that you can see the intricate details of the different materials you're using in a project. Different marbles, textures and natural variation in woods, the shine on copper accessories … clients will feel as though they can almost touch their dream build as you walk them through a project on a 4K display or touchscreen.

It gives your team the chance to focus on talking about the different materials and design points with ease, rather than shuffling through masses of paper with all of your printed designs, desperately hoping they’re in the right order

Keeping Clients Happy

You don't stop working once you've won a pitch and neither should your technology. The right tech should streamline things for your team, but it should also keep building on your reputation with your clients.

Choose the right equipment and you'll reaffirm that first impression the client had of your company as a modern, efficient and highly professional team all the way through the project.

In addition to a 4K resolution display, think about how you're going to communicate with new and existing clients. Do you regularly present project updates remotely? If so consider a video conferencing setup that will enable you to share plans and sketches and talk through them as if you were in the room together. Logitech do a great system with everything you need to get up and running.

If you are in the room together, think about streamlining how you discuss and evolve the plans with them. Collaboration tools like Barco ClickShare allow multiple members of the team to seamlessly share work from their own machine with clients on a big screen in the room. There's no setup time involved and contributors literally just need to press a single button when it's their turn to take over the main display screen.

Touchscreens are also excellent in this scenario, whether you're reviewing things with a client remotely or locally. With built-in software and the option to easily hook the screen up to your work station to access your existing software, you can discuss and annotate documentation and designs as you go, reducing the chance of any feedback or ideas being missed. The screens themselves even sync to the cloud where you can share the latest files seamlessly and quickly. It’s a sure-fire way to impress clients and minimise client churn.

More and more practices are investing in high quality display screens and presentation and collaboration technology. Ultimately, choosing the right technology for your architects’ practice will give your team the power to impress clients at every stage of the working relationship, from pitch to handover.

So say goodbye to the reams of paper and printed plans and give your practice the competitive advantage in your next pitch with a high resolution display screen to showcase your plans and work in all their stunning detail.

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