Can an iPad connect to a projector?


It’s a fact that connecting an iPad to a projector can be impressive, not to mention the useful functionality in the office. More and more companies are realising the benefits of using visual aids to improve meetings and collaboration potential and more companies are adopting bring your own device policies too.

These two facts have led to a common question being asked of the Projectorpoint team from first time and non-tech buyers… “Can an iPad connect to a projector?”

Connecting an iPad to a projector isn’t tricky, although you will need the right tools.



Cables can sometimes seem like the simplest option when connecting your iPad to your projector, but there are some things you should consider.

Firstly, physical cables can be restrictive. Make sure you have the space you need first when using cables, thinking about the length of the cable and where the iPad will be placed. You have to consider the presenting style and whether that’s suited to a trailing cable.

If the presenter is going to wander around in the room, or control may be passed from person to person, cables can get become troublesome and undermine the fluency of meeting and elegance of the setup.

They are, however, still considered to be the more reliable option.


You’ll need:

Here’s how:

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into the projector
  2. Now connect the HDMI cable and the HDMI to iPad adaptor
  3. Finally, connect the HDMI-to-iPad adaptor to your iPad
  4. When you switch on your projector it should automatically recognise the input device and your images will be mirrored


You’ll need:

Here’s how:

  1. Plug the VGA cable into the projector, making sure to tighten the screws!
  2. Now connect the VGA cable and VGA-to-iPad adaptor
  3. Finally, connect the VGA-to-iPad adaptor to your iPad
  4. Your projector should automatically recognise the input device when it is turned on

Remember, VGA is only going to carry the visuals to the projector. If your presentation includes audio, HDMI is a better option otherwise, you’ll need to consider some separate sound options with VGA such as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Find out more about projector cables and connectors here.



Who doesn’t love wireless connectivity? We hardly need to go into the benefits of this, but one of the major benefits here is the ability to quickly connect more than one device – perfect in meetings with multiple attendees who all have their own data or presentation to show.

What you’re doing with a wireless connection is actually connecting to a device which is attached to one of the projector’s inputs – rather than “direct” to the projector itself.

There are lots of USB dongles and network-connected screen mirroring solutions out there, but we’ve chosen the two easiest setups for you based on our experience over the last 8 years of helping clients connect iPads to projectors.

Apple TV

You’ll need:

Here’s how:

  1. Plug the Apple TV into the projector using the HDMI cable
  2. Connect the Apple TV to a power source using the provided cable
  3. If the Apple TV has not automatically connected, click the source button on your projector and search for the HDMI connection
  4. Make sure your iPad is on the same Wi-Fi connection as the Apple TV
  5. Using your iPad, swipe up from the bottom to reveal the menu and click on ‘screen mirroring’

Barco ClickShare

You’ll need:


Here’s how:

  1. Connect your ClickShare device to the projector using the provided cable (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort cable)
  2. Now, connect your iPad to the base unit Wi-Fi of the ClickShare device (the default username of the network will be ClickShare)
  3. Enable Airplay on your iOS device
  4. Click on the ClickShare option and enable mirroring
  5. If you switch to non-static media, the projector will automatically switch from mirroring mode to streaming mode


Hopefully this short guide has given you some options to connect your iPad to a projector. Get in touch with Projectorpoint if you need any further advice or would like to get your hands on any of the equipment mentioned in this guide.

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