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Why Your Business Needs 4K Resolution Displays

Projectorpoint blog - Why your business needs 4K resolution displays

Effective use of technology is rapidly becoming a crucial factor in determining just how successful and productive business teams can be. The right tools provide a multitude of benefits for the internal workings of a company. But they’re also a sign of forward-thinking and innovation on show to any clients, prospective partners and investors. And it’s this additional factor, the potential to impress, that has swung many companies round to really seeing the value of 4K in the business environment.

We’ve taken a look at some of the main reasons why the new kid on the technology block has become the be all-and-end-all in among creative teams and the board.

Vive La Resolution

Britons spend around eight hours a day looking at their tech devices, according to a 2014 Ofcom survey. So it’s vital that any workplace equipment does all it can to support creativity and productivity for those already saturated by technology.

There’s a sense of mental fatigue when it comes to staring at screens for significant periods of time, but it can also take a physical strain on our eyes if we’re squinting to see a piece of work. Higher resolution screens can help to minimise the negative impact on our eyes that inevitably comes with so much screen time, simply by improving the clarity of the work on display.

While 1080p resolution can deliver crisp and clear images, there are some situations in which 4K is fast becoming the new standard. In the boardroom, for example, installing the latest 4K screens can really wow visiting clients, potential business partners and employees with next generation results.

Taking the resolution up a notch also helps to encourage more collaborative and creative meetings. We’re often using hi-resolution devices to present and create our work, so the display in the meeting room should match or exceed this to ensure that you’re able to see your work in its best light. The level of detail and clarity with which work documents are displayed on screen means that the content is much easier to work on too. More pixels is more real estate for that monster spreadsheet, project management Gantt chart or 4k brand video you’re showcasing.

Why Your Business Needs 4K Resolution Displays

Flawless Graphics, Impeccable Video

Of course, not all content needs 4K. But when it comes to detailed graphics and video, the benefits are both obvious and dramatic, particularly when a 4K display is used to present 4K content; it really shows the work off in a new light.

Video content accounts for a huge percentage of internet traffic and as content creators keep themselves and their audiences busy, it has become a vital tool in advertising. The trend has extended to the boardroom and in-house business environment, with detailed graphics and video now a common sight in presentations, lobby signage and even in employee training, not to mention showrooms.

Some of the most impressive 4K business screens catering to these trends are coming from Sony. The new Sony 8 Series, for example, has been designed to deliver beautiful 4K visuals in a sleek, slim chassis, perfect for modern business surroundings.

It offers edge LED backlighting with frame dimming to help the viewer to focus on the content being displayed in the meeting room. This technology, along with the screen’s sleek design, makes it a top choice for occasional meetings that require top-quality visuals.

Why Your Business Needs 4K Resolution Displays

In more demanding environments the Sony 9 Series takes things a step further, with a particularly impressive 24/7 playback capability. Designed for rolling use in lobbies or other public areas, the 9 Series offers the convenience of a built-in TV tuner, as well as a high candela rating for bright results – it’s even more luminous than its 8 Series cousin. Furthermore, this new addition to Sony’s line up uses direct LED backlighting with local dimming, meaning even more dynamic contrast helping to hold everyone’s focus.

It’s clear that 4K technology can – and already is – transforming the business environment into a hive of productivity, creativity and engagement. And with increasingly accessible prices even for some of the top names like Sony, it’s becoming a popular choice for creative teams and executives alike.

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