BenQ WDC10 InstaShow Wireless Presentation Kit

BenQ's InstaShow is a unique no-software solution that allows up to 16 connections to the base station and then with the press of a button present on screen (1 user on screen at a time). With the simplest plug and play operation requiring no driver installation or execution and compatibility with any OS or hardware platform. The only compatibility requirement are USB/HDMI ports on the source laptop and HDMI input on the display device.

A great choice for use in corporate environments where company security policies do not allow for software installations on laptops.

  • No Software Setup or Maintenance
  • Presenter-Controlled Video Mode Switching to increase framerate and video playback smoothness
  • Auto Channel Selection Ensures Smooth Presentations in Any Environment
  • Wireless 802.11ac Guarantees Extremely Smooth Wireless Streaming
  • Video and Audio Support

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    Instant Visual Communication and Collaboration for the Modern Enterprise

    It’s human nature to resist change, especially without explanation, which is why new technology can be intimidating. InstaShow requires zero learning curve, plugging right into your daily routine to start sharing instantly. Simply intuitive, anyone that tries InstaShow immediately knows how to use it for collaborative presentations.

    InstaShow is a wireless solution that ushers opportunities in network collaboration without additional facility investment or training. Any business customer, even those without WiFi infrastructure, can deploy InstaShow for employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentation without awkward moments setting up, enabling instant teamwork for inspirational results.

    One Simple Button to Start Presenting
    Just a single button, InstaShow is an all-hardware solution that simply plugs into the source laptop. It takes mere seconds to start presenting wirelessly. There is no software at all to install, configure, or execute, reducing downtime and uncomfortable silences to kick off a productive meeting.

    No Software Setup or Maintenance
    InstaShow significantly enhances corporate efficiency and agility by offering a natural, intuitive way for up to sixteen presenters to start presentations without waiting and wasting valuable meeting time. With conference rooms always at a premium in today’s enterprise settings, InstaShow significantly boosts corporate productivity by maximizing time and teamwork. Additionally, because it has no software to configure or update and no OS compatibility to maintain, InstaShow is free from IT support.

    Join Anytime with Simple Pairing
    Pairing the InstaShow transmit button to a receiver host is equally simple. It just takes holding down the pairing key on the host for five seconds, and doing the same on the transmitter for automatic wireless pairing. The host can even be put into pairing mode via web control, for cases where it is installed onto a ceiling-mounted projector or otherwise hard to reach.

    Presenter-Controlled Video Mode Switching
    Our exclusive InstaVideo function optimises InstaShow’s audiovisual settings to spontaneously switch from clear presentation mode to smooth video mode with stereo sound at the click of a side button without requiring IT support, cable clutter or complex software settings. By letting presenters quickly customize the displayed contents for precise productivity or wireless Full HD 1080p video, users can confidently blend text, graphs and charts, pictures, and multimedia audio and video without hesitation for the most effective meetings.

    Powerful Compatibility on Any Platform
    Our universal all-hardware solution allows collaboration and sharing without boundaries. InstaShow users can freely present on any device with a standard HDMI input, utilising content from a wide range of devices such as laptops

    Furthermore, InstaShow exclusively offers extended desktop mode in both Windows and OS X to enable presenter view. Presenters can privately view or take notes, backup data, or monitor other applications while the presentation is ongoing, and still deliver an inspirational performance.