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  • Vision AV-1700 Digital Amplifier (2940993) -
    The Techaudio AV-1700 is compact, flexible, easy to use and is extremely efficient. Use as a standalone mixer and amp, or as a mixer which outputs to a bigger amp or powered loudspeakers.4 x Stereo Inputs :4 stereo inputs accept input from a variety of sources such as computers (via the headphone jack), tablets or phones. 3 of the inputs are via 2-phono (RCA) connectors on the rear panel. Input 4 is via a 3.5mm minijack connector, and is duplicated on the front and rear panels for easy access.Line Output:A line-level pre-output on the rear panel bypasses the internal amplifier. It would connect to a larger amplifier or powered loudspeakers. It is post-mix, which means any volume adjustment made on the AV-1700 affects the output level.Microphone Input:It uses a professional XLR connector and the input is balanced to eliminate electro-magnetic noise induced on long cables. The microphone input has ?Phantom Power? ? a voltage which is required by condenser-type microphones such as lectern microphones.Remote Control:The IR remote control gives the user bass and treble adjustment and direct input selection. The AV-1700 can be controlled by a control device such as Techconnect Control via IR or RS-232.Simple Interface:The clear simple interface offers the user just two dials.Auto-Standby:If the amplifier senses no input it will automatically go into standby mode. As soon as you press play on your source device it will automatically switch on again.Mounting Options:Optional mounting hardware is available which allows attachment to a wall, projector ceiling pole, or rack.AMPLIFIER DIMENSIONS: 220 x 154 x 44mm / 8.7? x 6.06? x 1.73? (wide x deep x tall) not including dials and connectors
    Excl. VAT £99.00 Incl. VAT £118.80
  • Techconnect TC3 AMP 2 x 25w Digital Amplifier
    Excl. VAT £110.00 Incl. VAT £132.00