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Large Venue Projectors

Perfect images even in the most demanding of environments.

  1. What makes a Large Venue Projector?

    Designed for installation in conference venues, large auditoriums or even museums. Featuring optional lenses, lens shift, edge blending, portrait mode to name but a few. They are immensely flexible in how and where they are installed. They range in brightness from 6000 lumens to over 20,000 lumens to combat high ambient light levels in the environment

  2. Optional Lenses

    The vast majority of Large venue projector feature optional interchangeable lenses. Optional lenses allow you to use the projector at practically any distance from the screen and still achieve your required image.

  3. Lamp or Lamp free?

    Large venue projectors generally have dual lamps inside them (check individual projector specs). This means should one lamp fail, you can still carry on presenting. Lamp free projection in the form of laser projectors is becoming increasingly popular as they provide up to 20,000 hours of usage with no lamps to change making them virtually maintenance free. Expect to pay a premium over traditional lamp based alternative though.

Laser Large Venue Projectors >>

Lamp free projection. Up to 20,000 hours use.

4K Large Venue Projectors >>

4K UHD resolution. See the detail you have been missing.

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Large Venue Projectors

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