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  1. What makes a Camera Club Projector?

    If you want to do your photos justice, they need to be projected as true to the original colours as possible. The three main display type technologies (DLP, LCD and LCoS) render colours in completely different ways which may be seen as positives by some but as negatives by others..

  2. Contrast

    Contrast is another major factor when deciding what projector you need for your camera club. Essentially, the higher contrast on a projector increases the perception of depth in the image, and means subtle colour variations show up more clearly. Hence subtle textures are more visible. It also means that darker photos don't look washed out.

  3. Brightness

    If you only project in darkened surroundings then brightness is a less vital factor in selecting the right projector for displaying photographs. However in some cases you may need to use your projector in different environments, and need the flexibility to display images in dim and bright environments. If this is the case, we recommend that you choose a bright projector that will be able to cope with the environment you will be using it in.

  4. Further information?

    Read our Camera club projector advice guide for all there is to know or simply give our sales team a call

Camera Club Projector Advice Guide

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