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Whether for high-profile presentations at large conferences, 3D projectors for educational use or 1080p HD resolution for edge-of-your-seat home cinema, ViewSonic projectors are sure to leave any audience impressed.

The product range extends from extremely bright models for static use in offices and boardrooms to entry level 3D ready business/educational use to Full High Definition 1080p home cinema models.

Viewsonic projectors offer high brightness, great picture quality, compact designs backed up by a 3 year warranty all at very affordable prices.

ViewSonic PJD5523W projector ViewSonic PJD5523W

£ 229 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
2700 lumens WXGA 2.6 kg
ViewSonic PJD5134 projector ViewSonic PJD5134

£ 239 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
3000 lumens SVGA 2.6 kg
ViewSonic PLED-W500 projector ViewSonic PLED-W500

£ 368 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
500 lumens WXGA 1.2 kg
ViewSonic PJD6235 projector ViewSonic PJD6235

£ 433 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
3000 lumens XGA 2.6 kg
ViewSonic PJD6544W projector ViewSonic PJD6544W

£ 511 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
3500 lumens WXGA 2.1 kg
ViewSonic Pro8400 projector ViewSonic Pro8400

£ 1084 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
4000 lumens 1080p 3.9 kg
ViewSonic Pro9000 projector ViewSonic Pro9000

£ 1162 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
1600 lumens 1080p 4.2 kg
ViewSonic Pro8520HD projector ViewSonic Pro8520HD

£ 1654 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
5000 lumens 1080p 3.9 kg
ViewSonic Pro8600 projector ViewSonic Pro8600

£ 1710 + VAT
Brightness Resolution Weight
6000 lumens XGA 3.9 kg

Can't find what you want?

This page just shows a selection of projectors from Viewsonic. There are many more available in our projectors full price list.

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