Epson EH-TW8100 Projector

 Epson EH-TW8100 Projector

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Epson EH-TW8100 Projector

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Epson EH-TW8100 Specs (rollover for more info)

Display Type LCD
Resolution 1080p
Brightness 2400 lumens
Contrast Ratio 320000 :1
Weight 8.2 kg
Keystone Vertical Positive 30
Keystone Vertical Negative 30
Fan Noise 22
Lamp Life (Typical) Up to 4000 hours

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Our review on the Epson EH-TW8100 Projector

The Epson EH-TW8100 is in the same product family as the EH-TW9100, the TW8100 retains the same strong optics and Lens Shift (which provides flexibility and ease of positioning) as the TW9100 but dropped is the ISF certified colour management feature and the inclusion of 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

We don't think this will be much of a loss for most users, and in fact we are bundling in two pairs of 3D glasses so for someone only wanting 3D for occasional use then this is an ideal choice, 2D performance is one of the best in this level of projector, back up with a class leading 5 year projector and unlimited lamp warranty make this easily one of the best offerings in the market.   

Once our stock has gone there will be nothing in the market offering this level of performance and warranty at this price point so if you are considering the TW8100 don't delay!


Manufacturer Description for the Epson EH-TW8100 Projector

The EH-TW8100 has been specifically designed for the ultimate film enthusiast who wants to experience the magic of cinema in their own home. This top-of-the-range Full HD 3D home cinema projector features high definition cinematic images, bright 3D projections and flexible installation for comfortable, immersive viewing.

Delivering a high 320,000:1 Contrast Ratio and enhanced by Epson’s newly developed 3LCD panels, they provide high quality images and rich, deep blacks for a wide variety of content. Frame interpolation creates a smoother, more fluid screen movement.

Users can easily switch to 3D content which is brighter than many Full HD 3D home cinema projectors thanks to Epson’s unique crosstalk reduction technology. A simple press of a button will transport them into an immersive three dimensional experience by converting 2D high definition films and video games into 3D.

The projector is quick and easy to set up, with wide Lens Shift, powerful zoom lens, meaning users can set-up the projectors in a variety of positions without compromising on projection quality.

Up to 3X brighter colours : We measure the Colour Light Output (CLO) instead of only measuring the white light. With Epson images are consistently true-to-life and colours are up to 3 times brighter than competing 1 Chip DLP home cinema projectors.

The new Epson home cinema range really does have a projector to suit all budgets. To try and help you decide which model best suits your needs, here at ProjectorPoint we have put together the below table..

Model Lumens Contrast 3D Glasses included
Colour Throw 
Lens Shift UK Warranty (Proj+Lamp) £RRP Ex Vat
EH-TW3200 1800 25,000:1
White 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 3+3 £745
EH-TW6100 2300 40,000:1
Black 1.32-2.15:1
no 2+3 £956
EH-TW6100w 2300 40,000:1
White 1.3-2.15:1
no 2+3 £1248
EH-TW7200 2000 120,000:1
White 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 2+3 £1582
EH-TW8100 2400 320,000:1
White 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 5+5 £1867
EH-TW9100W 2400 320,000:1
White 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 5+5 £1986
EH-TW9200 2400 600,000:1
Black 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 5+5 £2249
EH-TW9200w 2400 600,000:1
White 1.34-2.87:1
+/-96.3%V & +/-47.1%H 5+5 £2495

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This projector is also known as: Epson EHTW8100 Projector, Epson EH TW8100 Projector
Review by "" on 15/1/2014 -
Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star
Genuinely delighted with this projector.

Like many people I spent a long time deciding which one to go for, but after a chat with the helpful staff at ProjectorPoint I decided to go for the 8100 and haven't been disappointed.

This is my first projector and although I don't have a blacked out, dedicated cinema room, but wanted a high quality projector for all types of viewing and at any time of day. Even when the room is very bright the image is great. Obviously it really comes to life at night with the lights off, but football on a weekend with just the curtains drawn is a joy.

I have it projecting onto the Eyeline Pro Electric Screen - 266 x 149cm in a 6x4m room and it's a great experience.

Can't recommend this projector enough.

Review by "" on 19/9/2013 -
Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star
I bought the Epson EH-TW8100 as a replacement for the Optoma HD73 that had served us well for a number of years but which suffered from the dreaded rainbow affect and was not full HD.

My wife and I had previously viewed 3D at IMAX, on an LG TV and a Samsung TV. We both suffered headaches from all 3 previous experiences so were only looking to view 2D in HD.

I had visited different local projector retailers and read a number of reviews on Epson, JVC, Panasonic, Optoma and Sony amongst others. I had read about the under £1,000 - £1,000 to £3,000 and under £6,000 projectors and had the JVC in mind. Unfortunately nobody could or would fully answer my questions on suitability of the different projectors in my lounge. The retailers either did not have the information or simply wanted to sell me something in store.

I then came across ProjectorPoint and dialled the 0800 number where I spoke with Taras. He spent a long time going through the location of the projector relative to the screen and the screen size as well as whether ceiling or floor mounted. As a result we discounted the JVC and looked towards an Epson.
Following the advice and a few more enquiries (availability of money and whether it would fit under the coffee table) I finally decided on the EH-TW8100. When I phoned back I spoke with Claire who was equally as helpful and I bought the projector along with 2 pair of glasses .... Should have bought 5 pairs. The projector arrived at chosen address within 24 hours. Setup out of the box was straight forward for simple viewing but needed a bit of head scratching to use the different viewing options with the amplifier, blu-ray, Virgin Media box and Samsung TV. It was actually the twin inputs on the projector that enabled me to link them all together. Without the twin inputs I would have had to swap leads.

I am certainly not technically minded but the projector was very sympathetic to my plight and although I had to keep turning it on and off until I managed to link everything together I never felt I was going to blow the bulb or cause damage to the projector.

The remote control is a nice size with big clearly marked buttons.

I view the projector through a Marantz UD7007 3D blu-ray player and the audio through a Marantz SR7007 amplifier... I do not use the pass through on the amp. From the amp I have 2 outputs, one to the Samsung TV and the other to the second input on the projector. As long as I select which input I want to view on the projector I can now watch either VirginTV or 3D blu-ray.

Being very skeptical about the 3D it was with great relief when we watched Avatar without a break and suffered no headaches or eye strain. We have since watched Madagascar 3 and The Hobbit with no ill effects.

The projector is in the lounge with big windows at each end and even though we draw the curtains during the day there is still a lot of ambient light - sufficient to read a book or hold a conversation with somebody without feeling we are sat in the dark. At time of writing this I even have the lounge door open. The image on the screen in both 2D and 3D is bright enough to view. We would not have been able to watch the Optoma during the day. The only thing I will look at is adjusting the brightness in 3D mode as there is a difference in brightness between 2D and 3D. Whilst it does not detract from the quality of the picture it is something I will play about with on the settings.

The quality of the image on 2D is excellent.

I appreciate this is not a cheap projector but we have had friends and family round viewing the 2D and 3D and everybody agrees it is the best picture they have ever seen. I accept that watching an image on a matt screen does not give the glossy picture of a 50-55" TV, but being able to watch a stunning picture whether that be 2D or 3D on a 7' wide screen with appropriate sound on a good 5.1 system knocks the spots off going to the pictures. It also allows you the best possible chance of watching those close decisions on the football or rugby pitch (other games also) in the full knowledge you have the biggest image and watched it in real time without having to watch the zoomed in replay.

Score for the Epson EH-TW8100 .... 10 out of 10

Score for the help given by Taras and Claire 10 out of 10

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