Canon LV-S4 Projector Lamp / Projector Bulb

 Canon LV-S4 Projector Lamp / Projector Bulb

Projector Bulb
Canon LV-S4 Projector Lamp - Actual product appearance may vary

Canon LV-S4 Projector Lamp

£110 + VAT (£132.00 inc VAT)


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Canon LV-S4 Projector Lamp This is a Canon original part - LV-LP23
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Looking after your Canon projector LV-S4Projector lamp

The most common cause of early projector lamp failure is overheating. To get the best life and brightness from your projector lamp ensure that all filters and airflow ducts in the projector are free of dust. We suggest you do check this when you change the lamp and at periodic intervals afterwards.


This projector lamp is also known as: Canon LV-LP23 Projector Lamp, Canon LVS4 Projector Lamp, Canon LV S4 Projector Lamp