The Top BenQ Budget Home Cinema Projectors

Since launching in 2001, BenQ has quietly pushed ahead in the market, designing and delivering innovative, high performance projectors. We know, the brand might not be one of the “traditional” TV or audiovisual companies with a vast heritage or expensive TV advertising campaigns. It may not be a brand you’ve been considering for your home cinema projector, but we’d encourage you to give this underdog a second look.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the brand’s most popular budget home cinema projectors, each of which offers professional standards at an entry-level price.

BenQ W1090

First up, the BenQ W1090; a projector that is arguably top of the class at this price point. In our opinion, this particular device offers the best 1080p picture quality of any budget projector currently on the market, as well as 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and Full HD Native Resolution.

This picture is further enhanced by the balanced colours and impressive black levels boasted by the W1090, which copes just as well with bright animation as it does with fast action sequences.

BenQ’s own innovative SmartEco Technology is also included, keeping power consumption down. Overall, this is a well-rounded, high performance option for those with a lower budget.

BenQ W2000

Further supporting BenQ’s reputation in the home cinema market, the W2000 is a step up from the W1090. Unsurprisingly, the device offers an impressive spec, delivering DLP technology, 2,000 ANSI lumens, Full HD Native Resolution and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1. However, the W2000 goes one step further with the addition of Rec.709 image preset, which boosts image vibrancy and deepens blacks for a more immersive experience.

For the Projectorpoint team, it’s the expert addition of Rec.709 in this device that demonstrates BenQ’s drive to produce world-leading projectors. Working relentlessly to achieve the best images possible, the experts at BenQ have achieved the Rec.709 colour standard by closing gaps in all potential variances in every aspect of the projector’s internal mechanics, creating outstanding colours as a result.

BenQ W1210ST

A replacement for the celebrated W1080ST, the W1210ST is another high quality home cinema projector, delivering BenQ’s strong performance without exceeding the means of lower budget users.

A dedicated short throw projector, the device is capable of delivering an excellent standard of home cinema images at close distance, making it possible for users to enjoy high performance projection even with limited space.

Fully focused on ensuring any home cinema enthusiast can enjoy a fantastic visual experience, the W1210ST offers the captivating combination of Full HD 1080p visuals, a 6x RGBRGB colour wheel and built in 10W speakers. This speaker features CinemaMaster Audio+ technology – which is a great alternative for non-permanent cinema installs where you roll the unit out for impromptu movie nights.

The device is also designed to enhance the gaming experience for video gaming fans, offering specialised low input lag and unique game modes to ensure a smooth performance.

It’s clear from these offerings alone that BenQ is showing no signs of letting up as it pushes ahead with its plans to deliver attention to detail and high performance home cinema projectors – even at an entry level price point.


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