The Best Black Friday Projector Deals! Don’t Miss Out

It’s generally understood that it’s in your best interest to wait until Black Friday to shop for electronics. Why? Because of the amazing deals and discounts that become widely available for a limited time only.

That’s why.

In the world of projectors, it’s no different. Now is the perfect time to invest in that much-desired upgrade to your office, home cinema or video game lair.

With all the excitement at this time of the year with your friends and family rushing off to various retailers to make the most of the deals to be had, it’s worth keeping a cool head and really thinking about what makes the best investment.

While certain items will always fluctuate throughout the year such as clothes or cosmetics, it’s rare that tech will drop significantly in price until it becomes outdated. Black Friday presents a unique opportunity to get your hands on the industry’s latest items without waiting a million years for the price to drop.

Save up to £400 or get your hands on a FREE Amazon voucher!

Check out our best Black Friday projector deals now!

Black Friday for Home Cinema Projectors

It’s probably true that you’ll be watching a substantial volume of films and TV series with your family in the coming months, due to the Christmas holidays and the various gatherings of extended family that will take place.

Parents, grandparents, cousins and nephews will more than likely be spending a few special moments crowding round a television set to watch a festive film this year. But why crowd the TV when you can all sit back and bask in awesome image quality?

Now is a great time to invest in a new projector to wow your whole family at this time of year. When it’s just too cold to go outside, turn on your new home cinema projector instead!


Our Recommendations

Great Value: BenQ W1090 – Shipping with a £40 Amazon eVoucher

Our Best Selling All-Rounder: BenQ W2000 – Shipping with a £40 Amazon eVoucher

The Short-Throw Option: BenQ W1210ST – Shipping with a £50 Amazon eVoucher

The Best & Latest 4K UHD: Epson TW7400  – Just Released – £50 Saving!

The Tech Enthusiast’s Choice: Sony VW260ES – Native 4K – £400 Saving!


Black Friday Deals for Business

Why should consumers have all the fun?

Important assets for the office are sometimes tricky to fit into the annual budget, especially towards the end of the year. But the need for professional and functional projector experiences for meetings, seminar or workshops will still be there as you step into 2019.

The best way to avoid lagging behind target next year when it comes to image quality and meeting efficiency is making the most of our office projector Black Friday deals.

It’s time to snap up a hugely attractive offer on one of our industry-leading projectors.

Consider it a present to your employees who will no longer have to squint to see the monthly sales figures or that interesting (ahem) PowerPoint presentation!

Our Recommendations

Great Performance for a Bargain Price:

BenQ MH733 – £585 – Full HD, 4000 Lumens & a free £75 Amazon eVoucher

The Solid Investment:

BenQ SH753 – £897 – Full HD, 4300 Lumens 5 year projector & 3 year lamp warranty plus it ships with a free £75 Amazon eVoucher

The Short Throw Option:

BenQ TH671ST – £552 – Short Throw, Full HD and a £25 off Code!

Our Experts Choice:

Sony VPL-PHZ10 – £1982 – Laser Light Source, 5000 Lumens, WUXGA and £100 off!

Don’t miss your chance

Now you’ve been given the reasons why, don’t miss your chance to invest in a quality projector this winter and browse Projectorpoint for more details on amazing offers.

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