Optoma HD28DSE projector: looks good, performs great

Optoma HD28DSE projector: looks good, performs great
Optoma HD28DSE projector: looks good, performs great
Optoma are known for making some of the better looking projectors available and the HD28DSE is no exception.

The HD28DSE hit the market this autumn and, at £699, it's clearly not the cheapest projector going, but neither does it break the bank. What it most certainly does achieve at this price bracket, however, is value for money.

The HD28DSE boasts strong colour performance and a remarkable level of sharpness and detail thanks to its Darbee processing engine. Add to that the 3,000 lumens of brightness and a low input lag for gaming fans and you have yourself a pretty decent package.

With a slick white exterior, the projector looks very similar to the Optoma HD26 and will fit nicely in a modern room. What's more, its array of connections helps ensure that it can be put to use with a multitude of devices so buyers will no doubt get the most out of their purchase.

As well as offering two HDMIs, the projector comes with a USB port capable of supporting dongles such as Google's Chromecast; a 12v trigger port; audio output; 3D-sync output; and the extra option of wireless HDMI functionality, if you're willing to pay a further £180 for Optoma's WHD200 pack.

The real sell on this projector, however, is its use of Darbee technology. This technology increases contrast and the definition and details beyond the options available on many models, meaning it will be well received by anyone looking for a pixel perfect picture.

Reviewers have noted that there is a risk that visuals will look too artificial when this processing system is enabled at settings of 70 per cent and above. But when set at around 50 per cent, there's an excellent upgrade to the level of detail visible in the picture, a feature that will suit gaming and film buffs particularly well.

Ultimately, the HD28DSE has been unsurprisingly very well received by the market. It offers a decent array of features and a great quality picture without breaking the bank.

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