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Interactive Screens Interactive Screens

AV technology plays a large role across our lives whether it be in the home, school or office, as technology develops new products come to market that serve new applications and uses.

There has been a huge growth in the flat panel market both in consumer (TV’s & monitors) and also corporate and education use, new touch screen technology is now available that offers interactive screens that can also be used in these areas.

Within the business/corporate market touch screens offer a range of solutions from digital signage applications in sales or reception area’s to full collaboration in a meeting/board room environment, offering full HD 1080p resolution to stunning 4K resolution.

The products we have selected below offer an alternative to a projector and screen installation and may be more suited for certain applications, such as a reception area, meeting/conference rooms where there is high levels of ambient light or you are simply looking for a screen based installation for a single box solution.

Interactive touch displays are a perfect solution for transforming a presentation into an interactive engaging experience, they provide bright, sharp high resolution images and make the process of sharing information, learning and presenting more inclusive.

Interactive Touch Screens Solutions


Touch displays make it easier to create effective, eye catching teaching materials and promotes inclusive visual based teaching making learning more fun both the student and teacher.

Interactive tools make learning more meaningful and engaging with hand on touch collaboration allowing students to work more closely with classmates for shared learning.

Whether you are imparting information, new skills or launching new products and ideas interactive touch screens assist you participating with your audience. You are able to interact, work and collaborate which creates a more engaging experience for all. There can also be a reduction in costs as you are able to save and share your presentation and collaboration by email once the presentation is complete, no need to take and send notes or use a old fashioned flip chart.

 CTouch Leddura

Next generation interactive touch solutions : The CTOUCH Leddura range is the latest generation of interactive large format touch displays, designed to look great in the boardroom, meeting room, classroom and are also equally suitable in public display areas.

The multi-touch surface opens the world of touch technology to large audiences increasing engagement, involvement and collaboration. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, the power of touch is available to everyone using a CTOUCH display.

Solutions for business

Whether you are imparting new skills or launching new methods and processes within your organisation, CTOUCH interactive displays can help you connect and share with colleagues, partners and employees.

Increased productivity - Keep everyone involved – exchanging ideas, participating in interactive presentations, reviewing documents, brainstorming and contributing to projects in real-time.

Enhanced collaboration - Encourage participants to engage, interact and work together during meetings, fostering communication, building teamwork and driving successful results for your organisation.

Efficient training - Engage attendees, assess understanding of key concepts and encourage full audience participation to elevate training efficiency.

Solutions for education

CTOUCH Interactive Touch Displays make it easy to create effective, eye-catching teaching materials and promote a style of active, visual-based teaching and learning that makes the classroom fun for both the teacher and students.

Whole class learning - Interactivity creates a more meaningful, socially rich experience than spoken word tutorials alone.

Collaborative learning - Touch technology allows ‘hands-on’ manipulation of content, encouraging students to work collaboratively with their peers.

Learning together - It also provides new opportunities to share accumulated knowledge through project based learning experiences.

Fully comprehensive 3 year on-site, next working day, de-installation/re-installation warranty.

Full details for the range:

CTouch 47 Leddura

CTouch 55 Leddura

CTouch 65 Leddura

CTouch 70 Leddura

CTouch Leddura
Product Description Price
(ex. VAT)
Add to Basket
CTOUCH 47" Leddura 47 inch, LED, 1080p resolution, Black Bezel 4 Point Touch, Anti Reflective Screen £2275.00 Add To Basket
CTOUCH 55" Leddura 55",LED, 1080p, Black Bezel 4 Point Touch, Anti Reflective Screen £2510.00 Add To Basket
CTOUCH 65" Leddura 65",LED, 1080p, Black Bezel 4 Point Touch, Anti Reflective Screen £3900.00 Add To Basket
CTOUCH Leddura 70” LED, 4 Point Touch , Anti Reflective Glass 70",LED, 1080p, Black Bezel 4 Point Touch, Anti Reflective Screen £5497.00 Add To Basket
CTOUCH Leddura 84” LED, True 4k, 10 Point Touch , Anti Reflective Glass 84", 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) LED, Black Bezel 10 point Touch Anti Reflective Screen £10997.00 Add To Basket

 Clevertouch LED

Sahara Clevertouch is one of the largest ranges of interactive dual and multi touch displays, with sizes from 32” to 82”. The latest touchscreen technology is integrated into the screen enabling it to be dual touch or multi touch, including gesture control and allowing multiple users. The Clevertouch range does not require drivers, calibration or set up, meaning that Clevertouch is always ready to go when you are. The crystal clear resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible and unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing.

True plug and play : No calibration and no drivers to install – simply connect to a power outlet and off you go when using Windows 7 and above.

Interactive Software Suite :Clevertouch comes with CleverLynx interactive software with the Wordwall add-on, and a DisplayNote presenter license.

The new 6-point Clevertouch LED models support both landscape and portrait applications and truly support multi touch functions when using Windows 7 and above.


Education : Clevertouch screens are the next generation of interactive solutions for the classroom. As technology develops from the traditional blackboard to the interactive whiteboard, Clevertouch takes front of class teaching to a new exciting level. The dual and multi touch screens allow students to collaborate simultaneously, encouraging cooperation and teamwork in the classroom.

Corporate / Public Sector : Clevertouch screens are just as versatile in the meeting room, boardroom, or control centre, making presentations more interactive and meetings more creative. With dual and multi touch more than one person can interact with the screen at the same time. High brightness and full HD display makes any content come to life including video conferencing, data and video

Other applications include hospitals, MOD, leisure, digital signage and public display.

Fully comprehensive 3 year on-site warranty (outside UK is RTB warranty)
Clevertouch LED
Product Description Price
(ex. VAT)
Add to Basket
Clevertouch LED 32" (1545000AG) 1080p, black bezel, 6 point touch £1249.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 42" (1543001) 1080p, black bezel, 2 point touch £1697.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 46" (1543002) 1080p, black bezel, 2 point touch £1897.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 55" (1545003AG) 1080p, black bezel, 6 point touch £2177.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 65" (1545005AG) 1080p, black bezel, 6 point touch £3447.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 70" (1545006AG) 1080p, black bezel, 6 point touch £4177.00 Add To Basket
Clevertouch LED 84" (1547008) 1080p, black bezel, 4 point touch £6177.00 Add To Basket