Projector Brightness Calculator

 Projector Brightness Calculator

Home cinema users - please note that brightness isn't the most significant consideration for home cinema, which is why there are very few quality home cinema projectors over 1200 lumens. Your time and money is better directed towards preventing as much ambient light as possible from hitting the screen surface, and get a specialist home cinema projector with high contrast and a good video processing chip.

For more detailed advice on brightness see the Projector Brightness Advice page.

How bright should I go?

Let us know your environment and our web widget will offer instant advice.

Natural light  No natural light (room is blacked out)
 A little natural light falls on the screen
 Medium natural light (small windows in room without blinds)
 A lot of natural light (no blinds, medium/large windows near screen)
Artificial light  No artificial light (lights are turned off during presentations)
 Some lights are on, but they're dimmed or not near the screen
 Lights are kept on near the screen
Screen width  Under 1.5m
 1.5m to 1.8m
 1.9m to 2.4m
 2.5m to 3.2m
 3.3m to 5m
Typical usage (subject matter)  Simple slides with bold text, photos etc - My audience does not need to see every single detail
 Precise images / small text, where clarity of image is important
 ... probably a mix of the above options...?